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Chemical sector

  • LABORATORY CHEMICALS (purum, purissimum and pro analisy quality. Over 1000 substances)
  • LABORATORY CHEMICALS FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES, such as indicators, solvents of chromatographic purity, standards and the like. Over 200 substances
  • ADDITIVES FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY (pH corrigents, gelling agents, organically bound oligo and microelements. This program also contains a concentrated, stabilized, biodegradable disinfectant based on peracetic acid under the trademark GERMIPER®
  • SUBSTANCES FOR PURPOSE INDUSTRY (perchlorates, chlorates, oxides, peroxides, sulfates, nitrates, chromates, dichromates, etc.)
  • GALVANIZING AGENTS. For example, cold sealing preparations, degreasers, paints for anodized aluminum, electroplating bath stabilizers

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